Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Reasons why I get out of bed in the morning

Okay, so I'm a bit stuck on "Listing" things. It's a weird fascination I have. I LOVE make list, then checking things off it. SO, in keeping with the list I have had, I thought this would be something. Let me know if you blog about List of any kind.

10 Reason I get out of bed in the morning
10- The damn alarm clock is going off and it's not going to stop until I shut it off
9- The critters are getting restless, ie: The parrots are squawking, the dog is whining to go out, and the cats are crying around begging for food or scooped litter boxes.
8-Hubby is snoring so loud I can't lay there and listen to it for one more second without shoving my pillow over his face to stop the noise.
7-It's too cold/hot in the house and I need to turn up/down the heat/AC. This happens far more than one would think
6-I've laid there so long that if I don't get up soon, I won't be able to take a nap later(one of my most favorite things in the world to do)
5-Every muscle in my body is SCREAMING in protest of life, and I need to pop a narcotic/anti-inflammatory or two to calm them down a bit.
4-A cat has decided to sleep with me, usually on or near my head.
3-One or both of the kids are up and the fighting commences.
2-If I don't get up to go to work, I don't get PAID

Saturday, June 28, 2008

10 Things I Hate.....well, maybe just "dislike".

Okay, I'm a bit bitchy, but I thought this might be cathartic:

Ten Things I Hate..actually just Dislike. Hate may be too strong a word:
1. People who drive MUCH slower than the speed limit. This is a common one. I am not talking about during winter storms or wet weather, but every day driving. IF you can not go the speed limit or don't feel comfortable at it, then perhaps it's time to turn in your license. I don't mean going the actual speed limit either. My OCD loves rules and the speed limit is the speed limit. I'm talking about the driver I, and 20 other cars, was following today, going 15 mph under the speed limit. It become a hazard and can be worse than going too fast.
2. The "Repeat Song" button on Her Majesties CD player. I'm growing not so fond of the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montanna too.
3. Snoring! I'm not up at 12:30 at night for no apparent reason. It was either get out of bed, or push the pillow over Hubby's face just so he would be quiet for a while.
4. Fighting Kids- I love them, but I really think this is going to be a very long summer.
5. When my dog cries at the door to be let in, then takes off running when you open the door for her. I want to pinch her really hard about that time. It's NOT a fun really isn't
6. Chronic anything. Reynauds, FMS, CFS, and any other syndrome you can think of and anything else labeled as chronic.
7. The sound of the alarm clock in the morning.
8. The very thought of head lice. It gets me to itching.
9. The smell of 14 year old boy's rooms. Do they all smell like dirty feet and ass?
10. Stains on my kids clothes...or mine for that matter. I feel the same about wrinkles.

and to round it out:
Ten Things I Love

1. My kids and hubby

2. My other family and friends

3. The smell of lilacs

4. That first sip of coffee in the morning.

5. The smell of sheets that have been dried on the line outside.

6. Baby birds.

7. A freshly weeded flower bed

8. The sigh a baby makes when it's nursing.

9. A pedicure

10. When my kids are really laughing and giggling.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Things I've been bit by:

Okay..weird post, but with all the animals I've raised/handled over the years, and working at the pet store, I have been bitten by MANY different critters. is a list of all the different critters that have bit me-
*Parrots/Birds of many sizes, shapes, and colors..some to the point of needing emergency care. Macaws can bite REALLY hard
*Piranha-No joke, but it was only a little bit bigger than a nickle, and I did scoop it up in my Idiot Moment
*Sugar Glider
*Robertson's Ground Squirrel (miniature prairie dog)
*Cow/ actually a calf
*Piney Squirrel
*A few different species of fish (Mostly Cichlids and a few clown fish..Nemo really has a pissed off attitude)
*Bearded Dragon
*Guinea Pig
*A few frisky human fellows too

I'm sure there are more to put there that I'm just not thinking of right now. Not all of them drew blood, but a lot of them did. The worst was a macaw bite. would all think I would be smart enough not to put my fingers or anything else close enough to these critters for this to happen again, yet I do. I guess I handle them and always just figure the worst they can do is bite me, and then they usually do.

SO what kind of odd critters have you been bitten by?